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Why a Vol. I & II album set?

The two-volume wedding album set was conceived with our couples who are looking for the ULTIMATE wedding album experience. Consisting of two full-sized wedding albums stacked perfectly side by side.

Volume one consisting of everything leading up to the wedding day, making it a must-have for our South Asian Indian wedding couples who plan to have a ceremonial and/or tradition-filled wedding experience consisting of pre functions ranging from Haldi/Pithi, Pellikuturu ceremonies, inclusive of Sangeet, Garba, Dandiya Raas, Mehendi celebrations and more.

With volume two at its side, encompassing all wedding day and post activities. For our South Asian Indian wedding clients, this could be their reception as well as the welcoming of the bride to the groom’s home.

Each album is custom designed and spec’d out to meet each couple's individual and unique taste and style. Color selections chosen to complement the contents within by using the details and decor colors held inside its museum-quality archival-rated pages allows for the entire feel of your events to shine through.

As photographers and globally recognized artists, we pride ourselves on the end product that we deliver. Artistically designed in-house by the very people who photographed your event ensures that the entire story unfolds with every flip of each page. Designed and told by the very documentarians that were present physically and visually throughout your events. This approach allows the sharing of your wedding day story through the art of storytelling every time your album pages are opened.

Once approved your interior album design is then handed to artisans in Italy who begin the printing, binding, and building process of your unique “one-of-its-kind” heirloom wedding album, which we know will be talked about for generations to come!

Custom Handmade South Asian Destination Wedding Two Volume Wedding Album Set - I & II
Wedding Album - Two Volume Set
Two Volume Wedding Album Set
Custom Printed Wedding Album
Custom Wedding Album - Two Volume Set
Boxed Two Volume Wedding Album Set - I & II
Two Volume Wedding Album Set
RegetiÕs Photography - 2 Volume Wedding Album Set
Wedding Albums: Volume I & II
Indian Wedding Album - Two Volume Set
Two Volume Set Wedding Album
Two Volume Set Housing Box
Two Volume Set Boxing Details
Album Housing Box Details - Leather Double Sleeve
Housing Box for Volume I & II
Wedding Album Volume I & II
Wedding Album Custom Linen Title Page
Custom Wedding Titles
Custom Stitched Wedding Albums
Custom Wedding Book Housing
Custom Wedding Storage Box
Custom Made Wedding Boxes
Top South Asian Wedding Photographers Custom Album
Museum Matted Wedding Album
Matte Paper Printed South Asian Wedding Album
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To learn more about our Vol. I & II album set options and pricing, please feel free to contact us.

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