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Headshots Photographer in Warrenton, Virginia

As a professional in any market or industry, in a world where curiosity gets the best of us and without a potential client/buyer being able to put a warm and friendly face to that friendly voice and prompt emails most often times it can leave a void or disconnect in the entire experience causing you to lose potential business. First impressions are everything when you have a customer service driven business of any kind where actual people are involved.

Our headshots are done on location and billed based on the project requirement. There are times that a single headshot is needed and others requiring a group of 100, there are environmental factors to take into consideration, whether a back drop will be needed with an extensive lighting set-up or an industrial/environmental feel is preferred within the surrounding area and more natural light is available requiring the simple addition of some reflectors which may be the perfect fit for the job, therefore no two are ever the same in nature.

For those looking to obtain specific detail for your professional headshot project please do drop us a line and allow us to help you in making the best first impression.

FAQs from Headshot Clients

Where will my headshot take place?

Your headshot will take place at your place of business, home-office, home or at a designated location of your choice.

Can you bring a back drop?

Yes, we can. If you have a brand color, you would prefer or like to have used please do let us know and we can advise you as to whether it is possible or not or if there is an additional set-up fee.

Do you recommend hair and makeup?

Yes. If you are looking for a certain look, style or need recommendations please ask.

What should I/we wear?

Looking for opinions on what you should wear or even avoid? We have some information we can email to help you plan your headshot, please feel free to ask if help is needed in determining outfits, color scheme or accessories.

When can I expect to see my headshot and on how will I receive my images?

Headshots are provided in our online galleries within 2 weeks of your session and access to download immediately via Google Drive once your images are online.

What is the difference between a proof and my print?

Proof is a low-resolution web optimized file and prints will be a tangible print from your high-resolution retouched file.

Will my images be retouched?

You will be able to select 2 images from your proofs for retouching.

How do I order prints?

Through our online cart system, you are able to order prints and products that we are currently offering.

When will I receive my prints?

Print orders placed are shipped within 5-7 business days.

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