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Pricing for the Regeti's is no science that is for sure and we are more than happy to share! We pride ourselves on being able to say that all of our clients receive fair and market competitive pricing. We can appreciate that each of our clients' needs and wants vary greatly and with that so can our pricing. But in order to provide you with the most accurate pricing for your event(s), there are a few details we will need for you to share via our contact page, such as;

  • Location of venue(s).
  • The number of events.
  • Hours of coverage needed.
  • The number of guests.
  • The number of albums desired.

These are what will determine travel, accommodations, number of photographers needed and the cost of your delivered end-product. A simple email or a submission via our contact page with those details will allow any photographer to properly price out your photography costs for your event(s).

It is important that your wedding budget for photography be a realistic one. In the DC/MD/VA area, you can find wedding photographers ranging from $3k-$30k these figures are based on location (local or destination) experience, knowledge of their market, the demand for their particular style/talent and of course the level of customer service that they provide to their clients. Each client is unique and their particular wants and needs vary greatly, so priorities are extremely important when hiring your photographer(s).

What should I expect to invest in wedding photography?

For local commissioned events, rates vary depending on several factors, and therefore, we try to provide coverage based on the understanding and scope of each event. We have clients who spend $5k and clients who spend upwards of $25k for services. While we would love to be able to provide a golden number based on our client’s individual needs, it simply isn’t possible to give accurate pricing without a conversation with you to determine which events you would like covered, how much coverage, and if any, tangible products you would like delivered.

That said, our average modest Indian wedding in the Washington DC 100-mile vicinity typically spends $7,500 on single-day photography coverage inclusive of their high-resolution files, $10k with multi-day coverage, and upwards of 12K+ with multi-day coverage inclusive of their wedding album.

I have a budget; are you flexible?

One thing none of our clients can argue about is Regeti's ability to be flexible! Whether it is providing fewer hours, reducing to one photographer at times, or being able to work out flexible payment terms, we try to work within the considerations of all our clientele. For us, first and foremost, we want you to love our work and us as professionals who will be within your personal space on and off throughout the day, perhaps even days!

How do you come up with your hourly charge?

Based on market research, we determine what the going rate is amongst photographers with our experience, knowledge, skill set, and creativity and reevaluate ourselves annually to ensure clients are constantly receiving what they pay for. Our hourly fees take into consideration not only the time that we are shooting but the gear we use to shoot, such as cameras, lenses, lighting, flash, storage onsite and offsite, editing time post-wedding during the production of your images, and the equipment used to keep our computers, monitors, and software up to the highest of standards.

Do you offer discounts?

We pride ourselves in knowing that no matter who our clients talk to, our rates remain honest and consistent with the inception of rate increases that may take place depending on market research done annually on photography services among similar photographers of the same skill set. This leaves all our clients at ease, knowing pricing will never be sporadic. We do, however, offer bridal show attendees show promotions, which vary from show to show; this allows us to have measurability in our marketing to see what is working and what is not so that we can always invest our time where we need to create brand awareness. We offer discounts to clients who are getting married at venues that have placed us on their "preferred vendor list" as a respect to the venue that has placed their trust in us to give "our" now mutual client the best experience and customer service possible ensuring they have placed them in good hands. Our past bridal client referrals remain and will always be ever so crucial to the vitality of our business; those referred are greeted with a bridal referral discount. Please note and understand that multiple discounts may not always be eligible to be combined.

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