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We feel that, what it is as a photographic DUO that truly sets us apart from the rest and provides us with an advantage into our clients coverage is not only the importance that we place on having a relationship with our clients but the power of insight which we have gained throughout our own culturally blended experience as a couple/family. Equally being able to relate to our clients and their families wants and needs, to truly know and understand the meaning and purpose behind all aspects of the process whether an engagement ceremony & reception or the start of your actual wedding celebrations such as the; gauri pooja, chooda ceremony, haldi/pithi ceremony, mayan ceremony or that of the mehndi, sangeet and/or garba celebrations along with many others that can take place leading up to our client’s wedding day. Most of our clientele are American born and raised that hang heavily onto their Indian roots and respect for their dual cultures and heritage - with parents who have similar yet different expectations of their wedding day and often enough we have been told that as a culturally blended couple we have ever so gently been able to merge the gap allowing the two generations to compromise where and when it is needed in order to provide imagery that everyone can appreciate and cherish.

Our wedding portfolios galleries will allow you as a prospective client to gain a better understanding of what you can expect from your wedding day captures as you scroll through some of our most recent and relevant work that we have done throughout our 32 years of combined experience in the industry. Should you find that it compels you feel please free to drop us a line or give us a ring as we would love to hear from you. But in the meantime below are some of our FAQs specific to our South Asian Indian wedding clients.

Have you photographed an Indian wedding before?

For the last 13 out of 15 years of photographing weddings 80% of of bookings annually come from South Asian or Fused South Asian weddings - “fused” meaning more than the Indian culture played a part in the wedding celebration(s).

How many South Asian weddings have you done?

As a couple we have photographed over 400 Indian weddings since we have started in 2004.

How long have you been a wedding photographer(s)?

We have been photographing weddings specifically since 2004.

Can you help me plan my timeline?

We certainly can! With our experience and expertise in South Asian Indian weddings we have a lot of knowledge pertaining to the do’s and do not’s of planning your event. We can also highly recommend local planners amongst the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and most popular wedding regions for South Asian Bridal clientele even destination weddings!

Where is the most difficult place you have had to cover a wedding?

On a cruise ship! Funny you should ask. One of our client's took over an entire cruise ship for their wedding and unfortunately on cruise ships nothing moves as it is all anchored or bolted down. Therefore, we had to be creative for many things such as where to shoot from, equipment position and of course posing. But knowing and understanding those challenges is half the battle - preparation is everything.

How many photographers will cover my events?

We always come as a pair, we do not contract out photographers to cover our events so all of our clients can rest assure knowing that when they hire Regeti’s Photography they are actually getting the service of “The Regeti’s”, for smaller events where only one photographer may be needed, wanted or required we do allow our clients the option to reduce down to single shooter coverage. However, do keep in mind that we can provide additional shooters to provide coverage in addition to our coverage for much larger events and celebrations as required.

Do you charge travel fees?

We charge travel fees for events that fall outside 100-mile radius of Washington DC. Often enough our reasonable destination wedding packages can help to offset the cost clients incur for lodging/accommodations and airfare. And the best part is as a couple we only require one room!

Can you cover multiple events at the same time at different locations?

We can both cover separate smaller events coinciding with one another. We can also provide additional shooters that can provide coverage for multiple events in different locations of the country and even the world as well.

Do you travel for weddings?

We are passport ready and available to cover events anywhere in the world.

Do you have a fixed rate for destination weddings?

We provide destination quotes based on the complexity of coverage. For detailed pricing we ask that you email us for more information.

What should I expect to invest in wedding photography?

For local commissioned events rates vary depending on several factors and therefore we try to provide coverage based on the understanding and scope of each event. We have clients who spend 5k and clients that spend upwards of 25k for services. While we would love to be able to provide a golden number, based on our client’s individual needs it simply isn’t possible to give accurate pricing without a conversation with you to determine which events you would like covered, how much coverage and if any, tangible products you would like delivered.

BUT with that said our average modest Indian wedding in the Washington DC 100-mile vicinity typically spends $7,500 on single day photography coverage inclusive of their high resolution files, $10k with multi-day coverage and upwards of 12K+ with multi-day coverage inclusive of their wedding album.

Do you offer cinema services?

We do not currently offer cinema services however we are always handy with referrals of those we love, adore, respect and work with often. Please do not hesitate to ask of if you are in need and interested in a few of our favorites!

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