Mother of the Bride Welcomes the Groom
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Mother of the Bride Welcomes the Groom

Ganesh Pooja – Typically First on the Agenda.

This ceremony begins with an invocation to Lord Ganesh, or Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom and salvation. Ganesha is depicted as having an elephant’s head. By invoking him, he removes any obstacles from the wedding ceremony. The ceremony may then be performed without hindrances. The Ganesh Pooja is performed anywhere from a few days to the night before the wedding.

Arrival of the Vara Yatra/Bharaat.

As the groom and his party, together called the vara yatra, arrive at the ceremony site amidst much singing and dancing, the bride’s parents, family and friends greet them with akshat (a kind of rice), tilak (a dot on the forehead), arati (a plate carrying a lighted lamp), and a garland.


Before the wedding begins, the nine planets are invoked by name in a ceremony called grahashanti (peace with the planets). Blessings are received from each planet for the newlyweds life together.

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