Bride and Groom Embracing
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Bride and Groom Embracing

These days the wind is taking us away! Baltimore should have been called the Windy City, no lie. Certainly not that we are complaining since we seem to have the best couples hire us to document their wedding days, we should just be happy that the rain stayed away, much love goes to the man up stairs and coordination with Mother Nature on that one, we owe you one!

When we arrived to the hotel to start photographing Jocelyn and the gals getting ready there was a lot of excitement among them as they geared up for the trip over to the Evergreen House/Museum. There was no detail that Jocelyn or her wonderful coordinator left out. She had the most spunkiest pink pumps that I ever think I have seen along with favor/treats for their pooches, mustache and lips for photo-booth and chocolate chip cookies chased by a little ice-cream for dessert! What was not to love about this wedding… oh right that it had to end but luckily for Jocelyn and Todd their honeymoon was soon to follow.

We wish you both lots of wonderful, fabulous and crazy memories to be had together. As Srinu and I celebrate our wedding anniversary coming up I can officially say that it is as true with marriage as it is with kids, when you love someone with so much of your being, you become inseparable at the waist - time flies by so quickly that you then begin to wonder what you ever do without each other… it is at that time that the consolation comes in just holding one another as you fall asleep knowing that the Lord above has given you the ultimate gift of LOVE. May you keep, love and cherish each other forever!

Location: Evergreen House, 4545 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21210.

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