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South Asian Indian Destination Wedding

I think that Alisha and Saqeb definitely marked the Northern Virginia area with every aspect of their wedding as they solidified their promise to one another. We were happy as apple pie to be part of every single moment of it!

Alisha is this bombshell wrapped up in a tiny “SHAZOW!” package as she has the greatest personality that resonates through everyone she comes to know! Saqeb on the other hand — he brings the party! For at least a couple weeks the team here at Regeti’s partied on with these two as they rocked the East Coast covering their celebrations! Let’s just say we were very pleased with some of the great shots we've captured. Figuring out how to narrow the images down for the album, that was the tough part!

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Keywords: Bride (34), Indian Bride (5), Muslim Bride.

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