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Bridesmaid Duties

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First and foremost congratulations to the entire family on what is about to become some of the most memorable days of all of your lives!

We can relate and truly understand your wanting everyone to feel included, special and part of your wedding day. This can often feel overwhelming and stressful at times, that is why choosing your wedding professionals shouldn’t be.

From start to finish at Regeti’s Photography it is our goal to ensure that your wedding experience is that of an amazing one, we are here not only to help you through the process of planning for your engagement portraits and educating you on the understanding of lighting for your wedding celebrations for the best imagery possible, but to ensure that we provide honest and valuable advice to help you hire the best team possible to cover your event.

With one of us being born into the culture and the other being married into the culture it gives us a clear and honest perspective on the importance of capturing our clients in the most real, raw and regal of forms.

Photographing weddings is an integral part of who we are inside. Understanding and knowing the wedding business has been our life’s work for more than 15 years.

We have seen many come and go in the industry, we have survived fads through their times and kept up with the ever changing technology that has advanced so far as to not only be able to store your files gently in the palm of your hand, but also allow us to share them with you through the cloud, providing you with access to your images in a matter of seconds anywhere in the world.

As one of the most diversified photographers in the metropolitan area we welcome weddings of all kinds and are eager to hear about your wedding day plans. As industry leaders we have been a reputable and trusted brand to more than 800+ weddings globally as a photographic shoot team.

Location: Belmont Conference Center, Leesburg, Virginia.

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